Anti Bribery Policy

Renewable Energy Generation Limited (REG) is committed to conducting its business around the world with the highest degree of integrity. This commitment includes a zero tolerance approach towards all forms of bribery and corruption.

REG has implemented a formal compliance programme designed to minimise the risk of bribery and corruption occurring within its business and this programme includes a comprehensive Anti-Bribery and Corruption Code of Conduct which has been formally approved by the Company’s Board of Directors. You can read a copy of this Code of Conduct by clicking here.

This Code of Conduct extends to all of REG’s business dealings and transactions in all countries around the world in which REG or its subsidiaries, associates, suppliers, customers, joint venture partners or agents operate. It is a mandatory requirement that all directors, officers, and employees of REG comply with this Code of Conduct. It is also a mandatory requirement that all other people who perform services on behalf of REG, including agents and advisors comply with the general principles of this Code of Conduct. REG expects its suppliers and customers to follow a similarly ethical approach to business and have an appropriate compliance programme.

Engaging in bribery and corruption is unlawful and any employee, director or officer found to have breached this Code of Conduct will be liable to disciplinary action which may result in dismissal or other serious sanctions. Breaches of the general principles of this Code of Conduct by agents or other third parties who perform services on behalf of REG may result in immediate termination for breach of all contracts with REG. The same may apply to contracts with customers and suppliers.

Further, engaging in bribery and corruption whether at home or abroad will constitute a criminal offence which will expose both REG and the individuals involved to serious criminal sanctions including, the risk of imprisonment.

Everyone involved with REG has a responsibility to ensure that its business and the markets in which it operates are kept free of bribery and corruption and to ensure that the highest standards of business integrity are maintained. REG expects and relies upon all of the individuals with which it has dealings to play their part in ensuring that this objective is met.

Andrew Whalley
Chief Executive Officer