Milton keynes: recycle your cooking oil


Coverage of this story appeared in MK News , February 2010.

Residents and businesses in Milton Keynes can now recycle old cooking oil at their local tip.

New collection tanks have been placed at the Bleak Hall, New Bradwell and Newport Pagnell Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).

The oil will be processed into a bio fuel called LF100, which is then used to produce electricity.

The oil from one of the full collection tanks, which hold 1,250 litres, can be used to generate sufficient electricity to power an average family home for a whole year.

Andy Hudson, chief waste management engineer for Milton Keynes Council said: "This new facility provides an excellent way of re using the waste to make energy.

“Cooking oil has historically been difficult to dispose of.

“Usually it ends up in landfill sites or being illegally poured down the sink where it blocks sewers and has a devastating impact on local wildlife.”

He added: "Another great aspect of the service is that it’s being provided to Milton Keynes residents free of charge.

“Living Fuels, the company behind the innovative scheme, collect the oil from Community Recycling Centres at no cost and as often as required.”