Waste cooking oil fuels port of dover's green initiative


This story orininally appeared on the Click Green website , 30 March 2010.

Kent residents have set a new precedent in recycling waste materials bycollecting over 18 tonnes of used cooking oil in the last 14 months tofuel a green combined heat and power initiative at the Port of Dover.

The used cooking oil, collected and refined into biofuel ‘LF100’ byLiving Fuels, will be used to provide a proportion of the Port’s powerneeds over the next 12 months. The fuel will help to power a 150kWCombined Heat and Power operation based at one of the Port’s berths.

Daniel Gillert, commercial manager for Living Fuels, said: "We’re reallyencouraged by the success the scheme has had in Kent and hope to echothis result across the country. People here have really taken this newmethod of recycling in their stride and, as a result, have made Kent thetop county for recycling used cooking oil.

“Our target for the next 12 months is to double the total collected to36 tonnes.”

Ian Collins, Managing Director of AIM listed REG Bio Power, the parentcompany of Living Fuels, said: "As more and more businesses look towardre-gearing their corporate social responsibility policy to acceptincoming methods of green power generation, organisations such as thePort of Dover are leading the way in implementing renewable energy on alarge, industrial scale.

“The introduction of used cooking oil to generate heat and power reducescarbon emissions and means that everyone from the large foodprocessors and catering companies down to the individual householder -can play their part in building Britain’s renewable energy capacity.While used cooking oil will not solve the energy crisis on its own, itwill certainly make a big impact.”