Oil recycling scheme trickles into leicester


Leicester residents who use the humble frying pan can now turn their waste oil into electricity thanks to an innovative cooking oil recycling scheme new to the city.The collection tanks, based at Bridge Road and Islington Street Community Recycling Centres, are designed to hold up to 1,200 litres of used cooking oil. Once full, the oil is collected by renewable energy company Living Fuels and refined into a biofuel called LF100, which is then used to create electricity in special generators.

Daniel Gillert, commercial manager for Living Fuels, said: "Eco friendly recyclers can now add used cooking oil to their weekly recycling routine and help us convert this waste product into a useful fuel. Many people don’t realise just how much money is wasted each year on unclogging sewers as a result of used cooking oil being poured down the drain, and our innovative method of reusing oil can help put a stop to that.

Every time we launch another collection service, it’s an opportunity to get over the message that used cooking oil also causes major environmental damage when poured down the sink.

The launch of this latest scheme is the second in a series of initiatives in Leicester by the company – last month, it piloted a UK project to educate children about recycling used cooking oil at Uplands Infant School, with great results.

“The children managed to collect over 350 litres of oil in the space of just four weeks, which is a UK first” added Daniel. “Based on the success of this project, we hope to roll out the scheme to other schools across the UK in the coming year.”

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