Bridgend Raises a Cuppa to Great Recycling Rates


Residents around Bridgend County Borough have been given another reason to celebrate this week, after being praised by renewable energy company, Living Fuels for their efforts in recycling used cooking oil and not only help to save fossil fuels, but also cut down on taxpayers’ expenditure.

Used cooking oil tanks have been placed at the Brynmenyn, Maesteg, Ogmore Vale and Tythegston household waste recycling centres to enable residents to get rid of their used cooking oil in a responsible manner, rather than tipping it down the drains which causes around £15 million-worth of damage per year, a price tag that adds to the taxpayers’ bill. When poured into the Living Fuels tanks, however, the oil is recovered into a clean, green bioliquid, that is then turned into electricity and used to power the National Grid.

Bridgend County Borough Council alongside MayGurney environmental services, who recently celebrated their first year of positive recycling, visited the site to raise a cuppa to all the hard work the local community has shown. In fact, they could have raised 870,000 cups of tea, as that is the amount of energy saved through used cooking oil deposits!

Robert Murphy said of the resident’s efforts; “The people of Bridgend County Borough have done a remarkable job of collecting their used cooking oil in the past year. It’s great to see a community being so active when it comes to recycling and we’re happy to be able to help out. Living Fuels look forward to another year of great recycling rates from the area.”

Councillor Phil White, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “Bridgend County Borough is already well on its way to becoming one of the best areas in Wales for recycling waste and diverting it away from landfill. I hope that more residents will take advantage of this facility and help us to increase the amount of used cooking oil that we recycle in the county borough.”

The variety of materials that households can recycle is already very wide, and I am sure that residents will make good use of this latest development.