Hartlepool Residents Turn Fry-ups into Electricity


Millions of pounds are being tipped down the drain every year in the UK as a direct result of pouring used cooking oil down the sink rather than it being recycled.

Now Hartlepool residents have an easy way to recycle their waste cooking oil locally, helping to cut taxpayers’ £15M annual bill for cleaning up drains and watercourses damaged by waste fats.

The waste oil collected The Burn Road Household Waste Recycling Centre will now be converted to clean electricity.

Green energy firm Living Fuels has placed the tank at the site in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council and JB Recycling.

Living Fuels collects the waste oil and refines it through a 100 per cent natural process to produce a patented bioliquid which in turn powers specially-designed engines to supply safe, clean, renewable electricity to the National Grid.

Rob Murphy, Operations Director or Living Fuels said: “Just one litre of used cooking oil that we collect generates enough renewable electricity through our chemical-free processing to make 240 cups of tea.
“Since we started out three years we have collected enough waste oil to power 5,000 UK homes for a year.
“But we can still do much, much more so I’m delighted that environmentally-conscious Hartlepool residents can now recycle their used cooking oil and help the fight against dangerous climate change.”