Residents encouraged to dispose of cooking oil correctly


Residents are being reminded to dispose of their used cooking oil correctly instead of pouring it down the plughole and into the drains.

The Borough has a collection tank based at the Chigwell Road Refuse and Recycling Centre (RRC) at Woodford Bridge where residents can get rid of their used cooking oil.

Cooking oil is often the cause of clogged up sinks, drains and sewers. If oil gets into lakes and ponds it can harm wildlife. Recently some baby swans had to be rescued as a result of cooking oil being dumped in a lake in Ilford. Precious energy is also wasted if cooking oil is not disposed of properly.

This is why the council is encouraging residents to pour their oil into the special container at the RRC. The oil is collected by a specialist company called Living Fuels who recycle the oil into bioliquid. This generates green electricity and heat for customers all around the UK. One litre of used cooking iol can generate enough electricity to make 240 cups of tea.

Redbridge Council is always looking for new ways to recycle waste and knows that residents and the environment will benefit from services provided.

Article via Redbridge Council website.