South Gloucestershire residents help power the UK


South Gloucestershire residents are being urged to recycle their cooking oil at local Sort It!* centres and help power the National Grid.

South Gloucestershire Council, in partnership with its recycling contractor SITA UK and eco-firm Living Fuels, introduced the tanks to get rid of used cooking oil whilst benefitting the environment and reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Councillor James Hunt, Executive Member, Communities at South Gloucestershire Council said: “Since the launch of the scheme in August 2011, around 1,000 litres of waste cooking oil has already been taken away for conversion into green electricity, which is enough to run a computer for almost six years or to power an energy saving light bulb for over 25 years.”

Living Fuel’s Operations Director Rob Murphy said of the scheme: “We’ve had a great response from South Gloucestershire residents so far, and are looking forward to more local people getting on board with the scheme in the coming months. It’s amazing to think just one litre of your old used cooking oil, which is about a third of what you’d find in your chip pan, is enough to create enough clean electricity to make 240 cups of tea!”

Waste cooking oil is traditionally a difficult waste to dispose of, with a recent poll of homeowners admitting that pouring it down the drain is their preferred method of disposal. However, not only does getting rid of used oil this way cause damage to wildlife and watercourses, it also costs UK taxpayers an average of £15 million each year in bills for blocked drains.

Used cooking oil tanks are located at the Yate, Stoke Gifford, Thornbury and Mangotsfield SORT IT!* Centres and are collected when full by Living Fuels, who recover the oil into clean, green electricity that is fed into the National Grid at times of unexpected power demand.

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