Children’s Charity Gets Used Cooking Oil Boost


It may not seem like the most obvious way of raising money for charity, however Merseyside residents have raised a huge £750 for local Alder Hey Children’s Charity– all by recycling their used cooking oil.

The campaign, which ran from July to September, saw residents recycling a staggering six thousand five hundred litres of used cooking oil, all of which will be recycled into renewable electricity for the National Grid and used to power UK homes and businesses.

The appeal was championed by eco-firm Living Fuels, alongside Veolia Environmental Services and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority in a bid to reduce the improper disposal of cooking oil. When disposed of down drains, cooking oil costs the UK an average £15 million per year in blockages, caused by oil sticking to pipework and clogging our Victorian drainage system. When sent to landfill, it fares no better, often leaking into local watercourses and harming wildlife.

Paul Smyth, Contracts Manager of Veolia Environmental Services Merseyside and Halton said “We are pleased we could assist Living Fuels in this fantastic promotion. Together, with the help from residents of Merseyside and Halton we have raised the profile of Cooking Oil recycling and made a donation to the Alder Hey Children’s hospital.”

Chris Done, Head of Fundraising at Alder Hey Children’s Charity added “We are delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of this innovative scheme. Not only did we receive a welcome contribution to our funds we’ve been part of something that is also beneficial to the environment and could ultimately save money. At Alder Hey we are helping children achieve the best possible health outcomes and this sort of promotion forms part of the bigger picture. It is a perfect partnership for us.”

The used cooking oil disposal tanks, placed in August 2011 at each of Merseyside and Halton’s sixteen household waste recycling centres, enable residents to dispose of their oil in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. When full, the oil is collected and taken to Living Fuels’ state of the art recovery facility, where it is naturally recovered into renewable electricity for the National Grid. Just one litre of used cooking oil provides enough clean electricity to produce 240 cups of tea and one full tank can power the average home for one year.

Rob Murphy, Operations Director of Living Fuels said of the positive response to the scheme: “We are absolutely delighted with the effort that residents made with recycling their cooking oil. Not only are they helping to save carbon emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, but they’re helping the patients and families of Alder Hey at the same time.”