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Recycle your used cooking oil this New Year


It’s coming up to Chinese New Year – 10th February – meaning that families across the world will be preparing their homes (and their stomachs) for the most important date in the calendar.

2013 heralds the return of the water snake, and this year’s colour, according to Pantone, is emerald green. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be a great idea to turn our attention to looking after local waterways at the same time as creating green energy?

As you’re preparing delicious food for the festive period, do you give thought to what you do with your cooking oil? If you’re one of the many that pours their waste cooking oil down the drains, you are contributing to an average yearly bill of £15 million, which water companies are spending on drains blocked by fats and oils. Putting waste cooking oil in the bin is another way for disposing of oil, however waste oil often leaks from landfill sites, polluting watercourses and harming wildlife.

Luckily, green energy company Living Fuels, in partnership with Enterprise Waste Management and Barnet Council, have come up with a handy way to dispose of your used cooking oil, by placing tanks at household waste recycling sites throughout the country.

When the oil is collected it is recovered 100% naturally, using natural filtering and settling into a green, clean bioliquid. This liquid is then fed into combined heat and power engines that then feed electricity back into the National Grid, which powers your home.

Each litre of cooking oil recycled can produce enough renewable energy to make 240 cups of tea, and one full collection tank can power the home for an entire year.

So, by taking your waste oil to be recycled alongside your other household items not only will you be ensuring that the planet stays green in the future, you’ll also be powering your home and saving money; so let’s make New Year even more prosperous by recycling old oil and helping to create light into homes.