Tower Hamlets residents urged to recycle waste cooking oil


Residents of Tower Hamlets are being encouraged to recycle their used cooking oil, turning it into renewable electricity for homes and businesses.

The recycling scheme, implemented in 2008 by Tower Hamlets Council, in partnership with Veolia Environmental Services, has seen enough used cooking oil collected to generate power for almost one and a half million cups of tea.

A tank is located at the Tower Hamlets reuse and recycling centre for residents to drop off their oil. Once collected, the oil is recovered by eco-firm Living Fuels, who naturally settle and filter it into a bioliquid, LF100, which is then used in their renewable energy facilities to help power the National Grid at times of unexpected power demand.

Just one full collection tank can power the average home for an entire year.

Veolia’s contract manager in Tower Hamlets, Chris Hodges, said of the scheme: “We’re really pleased that our partnership with the Council and Living Fuels to recycle used cooking oil has flourished for so long and that’s thanks to residents for their continuing support and participation in the scheme. We encourage residents to keep recycling their cooking oil and also hope that even more residents will start to participate who previously may not have been aware about the scheme.”

Rob Murphy, Living Fuels’ Operations Director commented; “It’s great to see that residents are using the cooking oil recycling scheme, especially as climate change is becoming such a big issue. Not only does recycling oil in this way help rid residents of a sticky, messy waste, it also helps to create carbon neutral electricity for our homes and businesses.”

Cllr Shahed Ali, Tower Hamlets Council’s cabinet member for environment, continued: “The council is pleased to continue to support the recycling of used cooking oil. I would urge residents to use this recycling service, it’s a great way to dispose of unwanted cooking oil in a safe way whilst helping the environment in producing renewable energy.”

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