A quick guide to our fresh oils


From its humble beginnings in Ancient Greece, where poet Homer described it as ‘liquid gold’ to food establishments around the world, cooking oil has come along way. Despite receiving negative press in the past in regards to health benefits, it is now widely accepted that in reasonable quantities, oil is actually good for the body, helping to prevent a host of illnesses including cardiovascular disease and assisting in reducing cholesterol levels.

We are now offering to deliver fresh oil alongside small business collections. If you’re interested but aren’t sure which oil would be best for your business, please read our handy guide, below.

Rapeseed oil:
Rapeseed (also known as canola) oil is currently our best seller. Great value for money, this non-GM oil has a lovely, subtle flavour and contains half the saturated fat of most other oils. It is also high in mono and polyunsaturated fats and Omega 3,6 and 9.
Rapeseed oil has a high smoke point, meaning that it can reach a high temperature without losing its flavour and makes it great for deep frying but also perfect for shallow frying, roasting or baking. Thanks to its light flavour, it also works well as a salad dressing.

Vegetable oil:
Our vegetable oil, comprised mainly of soyabean oil is a great all-round oil, thanks to its light flavour and clear, bright colour. Often used for shallow frying and grilling, it is also great for shortening or as a basic salad dressing. The production of our vegetable oil means that it is suitable for vegetarian, kosher and halal diets.

Prep Multi Plus:

This non-GM, non-hydrogenated blend of rapeseed and palm oil (covered by the Green Palm certificate) gives a much longer life to oil used for frying. Perfect for kitchens that don’t deep fry on a regular basis, this oil will stay liquid at all temperatures and suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets.

Pomace oil:
Spanish producers Aceities Troya produce this delicious refined olive pomace oil, which is blended with 5% extra virgin olive oil. Pomace oil is extracted in the same way as most generic cooking oils, however it retains the basic lipid profile of olive oil after extraction, meaning the oil has a high level of oleanolic acid and making it brilliant value for money.
A favourite of Jamie Oliver, pomace oil still has a high smoke point than olive oils, but is still delicious enough to be ideal for all cooking applications.

Extra virgin olive oil:
Imported from renowned oil producer Antonio Cano and produced in a 100% eco- friendly manner, this Great Taste Gold award winner is a high quality olive oil with a smooth texture, golden colour and acidity level of only 0.3. A blend of four different kinds of olives, this delicious oil goes beautifully with most foods.

Great for drizzling, dipping and dressing.

For more information on our collections or fresh oil delivery service, please e-mail, or call 07788259779.