West Sussex praised for used cooking oil recycling


Energy to brew over two million cups of tea was generated in 2013, thanks to the recycling efforts of West Sussex residents.
The recycling scheme, which sees used cooking oil recovered into environmentally friendly electricity for the National Grid, was implemented in June 2012 by West Sussex County Council and recycling partner Viridor.

Used cooking oil recycling tanks can now be found at 10 of the county’s 11 Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS).
Once the tanks are full, the used cooking oil is taken to eco-firm Living Fuels’ recovery facility where it is settled and filtered through a completely natural process into a bioliquid named LF100.

This LF100 is then fed through the company’s renewable energy facilities, helping to power the National Grid at times of unexpected power demand.
Ian Collins, Living Fuels’ managing director, commented: “We’re really excited at how well West Sussex residents have taken to our used cooking oil scheme, proving that people do care about responsibly recycling waste. The certificate that we’ve presented to the council is just our way of saying ‘thanks for a job well done’ to everyone in the area that has gotten behind the scheme.”

West Sussex County Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member, with specific responsibility for waste minimisation, David Barling, said: “This is a really great initiative and I’m pleased to see that people in West Sussex have taken to it so enthusiastically.
“It shows that people will recycle if they are provided with the means to do so.”

Viridor’s National Recycling and Organics Manager, Bill Griffiths, continued: “Who would have thought that as residents of West Sussex we can all contribute to the nation’s electricity generation in such a simple and effective way.

“Recycling used cooking oil at the HWRS not only delivers real environmental benefits but by recycling rather than pouring down the sink it also avoids clogging up the drains”.

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