500 schools help create clean electricity


School catering departments are not only implementing new food standards – they are also becoming more strategic in the way they use their waste.

Nearly 500 schools in East Anglia and surrounding counties have decided they want to do more with their used cooking oil than simply dispose of it safely.

They are supplying their used oil to Living Fuels whopurify it so that it can be used again to generate green electricity.

The number of schools taking part in the scheme is increasing month by month, and the used oil they supply contributes to the four million litres now being processed by Living Fuels per annum.

This is capable of generating electricity for the equivalent of 5,700 households.

Schools and other suppliers can recycle their used oil with us in the knowledge that it is purified and put to another use without the addition of any supplements or chemicals.

That’s important because in the main biofuels are blends of vegetable and fossil fuels made through a variety of chemical processes.

Every drop of LF100 , that’s what we call our new fuel, is made of purified vegetable oil. Nothing else.

The purity and sustainability of LF100 distinguishes it from all other biofuels, and the big bonus is that it generates electricity for businesses and homes.

The generation of electricity from traditional fossil fuels is the major contributor of C02 emissions in the UK, and together we can play a part in reducing this atmospheric pollution.

The staff and pupils of the schools already signed up to give us their used cooking oil can be proud to be part of a clean and productive conclusion to what has undoubtedly been a very sticky problem.

On current reduced use of cooking oil in school kitchens, one collection per term is likely to be sufficient. However this is not a limit – Living Fuels will call as often as needed.

For collections, call Living Fuels on:

Tel 01842 828395

Please remember, if used cooking oil is released to any other operator, it will reduce the amount of clean electricity which can be generated through this unique scheme.

We are most grateful to Fakenham High School and College in Norfolk who allowed us in on the day we made a regular collection of used cooking oil.