The living power decentralized model


The generator at Freedom Farm, the Living Fuels headquarters at Hockwold, is based on the model of decentralized electricity generation being pioneered by sister company Living Power.

Living Power is meeting a growing demand for decentralized, carbon-neutral electricity at industrial and commercial sites. To understand the impact of the Freedom Farm generator, it is important to know the latest DTI household electricity consumption figures. They show that in a typical year households in the UK use an average of 4.6MWh of electricity.

On that basis the output from the Hockwold generator is equivalent to the annual needs of approximately 760 homes.

A quarter of this generator’s power is used industrially to power all operations at Freedom Farm, and the balance goes into the local electricity distribution network which serves the Hockwold and Brandon area.

At the 2001 census Hockwold had 521 households; the electricity exported by Living Fuels into the distribution network is equivalent to the annual needs of approximately 570 households.