Living fuels supports suffolk collection scheme


Householders throughout Suffolk now have the same chance as their neighbours in Norfolk to dispose of their used cooking oil safely and generate clean electricity for business and domestic use.

Living Fuels is supplying collection tanks to all 18 waste recycling centres in Suffolk, and on March 7th Suffolk County Council launched the new service at its Foxhall Road recycling centre in Ipswich.

Councillor Eddy Alcock, Portfolio Holder for the Environment and Waste Management, said: “This will help to protect the environment and generate green electricity. The initiative means we now have a real solution to used cooking oil disposal rather than sending it to expensive landfill or wrongly putting it down the drains.

Norfolk was the first county to partner Living Fuels when a similar collection service was introduced at recycling centres across the county in December.

Living Fuels makes collections free of charge from 1,000 suppliers including food manufacturers, restaurant, hotels and schools, and is currently receiving 80,000 litres of used cooking oil a week.

Through a unique process at its plant in Hockwold (Norfolk), Living Fuels purifies this waste vegetable oil, converting it into LF100 which has been chosen by a major renewables group to generate clean electricity.

The amount of LF100 currently being produced is capable of generating electricity for the equivalent of 5,700 households.

The process is in direct response to the biggest environmental issue of all, the emission of carbon dioxide through the generation of electricity from fossil fuels.

The level of response from householders in Norwich is well ahead of expectations. Residents of Norfolk and Suffolk make more than three million visits a year to their recycling centres, and if they brought in a litre of used cooking oil on every visit it would be possible to generate power for the equivalent of a further 4,000 or more households.

Living Fuels is in discussions with other counties and boroughs to set up similar partnerships.