Spring clean your kitchen with a trip to the tip


With another Bank Holiday coming up at the end of the month (Monday 25 May), residents in Hounslow can take full advantage of the chance to spring clean their kitchens and get rid of any old cooking oil which has been accumulating.

Thanks to a partnership with UK renewable company Living Fuels, the Space Waye reuse and recycling centre at North Feltham Trading Estate now accepts used cooking oil for recycling.

Rob Murphy, operations director at Living Fuels, says:

“All the used cooking oil we collect is taken back to our site in East Anglia and processed into a clean, green fuel " LF100" which can be used to generate electricity.It is not a biodiesel because we do not add any chemicals or additives in the process.

“If used cooking oil is poured down the sink then it will block drains and damage sewerage systems, leading to expensive bills from your plumber and water company.It can also harm the local environment.

“But, just one litre of used cooking oil, when processed into LF100, can generate enough electricity to make 240 cups of tea, run an A-rated dishwasher for three hours or power an energy saving light bulb for 225 hours."

The Feltham site will be open from 8am to 4.45pm over the Bank Holiday weekend and further information can be found at