Fresh Oil Delivery

Living Fuels can also provide high quality replacement fresh oils and catering supplies to businesses across the UK. By collecting and delivering all in one go, we can not only save you time and disruption but also minimise vehicle movements, reducing carbon emissions further.

For more information on our products, or recommendations for the best type of oil for you, please contact us

Types of Oil

Vegetable oil – a clear liquid vegetable oil suitable for culinary purposes.
Rapeseed oil – clear liquid oil suitable for culinary purposes. Produced from non-GM oilseed rape.
Canoliva bordolesa extra virgin olive oil Рa typical evo oil from Córdoba, made from the best selected olives with a rich mature flavour, slightly bitter giving it piquancy. Great for cooking.
Olive pomace oil – refined olive pomace oil blended with 5% extra virgin olive oil. It has a high smoke point and is suitable for use in restaurants.