How can I recycle?

Just collect your used cooking oil in a suitable jar or container, take it to your nearest household waste recycling centre and pour it into the collection tank.

Where can I recycle?

Recycle your cooking oil at the used cooking oil collection point near you. Living Fuels has a network of over 500 collection tanks at household waste recycling centres across the UK. 90% of UK households are less than a 15-minute drive from a recycling centre.

What type of oil?

Natural cooking oils and fats can be recycled including vegetable, sunflower rape seed and soya bean oil.

What’s in it for me?

Throwing used cooking oil away can be messy if it is tipped into the household bin and can lead to expensive drain blockages when poured down the sink.

When you recycle your used cooking oil, we turn it into green electricity – reducing your carbon footprint and leaving you feeling good that you have done that extra bit for the environment.