RPM Oleo

Chemical materials or intermediates derived from vegetable oils are known as oleochemicals. The production and use of these substances has been intrinsic to business for hundreds of years. Oleochemicals are used in almost all areas of industry and the home; lubrication, insulation, paints, plastics, pharmaceutical, soaps and detergents, as a replacement for fossil fuel derived petrochemicals.

Although oils from plants are being increasingly utilised as a replacement for these non-renewable petrochemicals, it is important to ensure that virgin plant by-products are relied upon less to provide an alternative solution, as the growth of virgin crops for industry displaces land needed to grow feedstock.

RPM Oleo have pioneered the use of a patented bioliquid, LP500™- which is recovered from recycled used cooking oil – as a clean, green solution to fossil-fuelled derived substances and unsustainably sourced virgin vegetable oil. Due to the cooking process, LP500™ is polymerised, making it beneficial for many applications, and the subsequent recovery of the waste oil adds a high level of cleanliness to the liquid. LP500™ is sourced and produced in Britain.

LP500 Applications
Lubricants are essential in industry. However, the majority of lubricants are derived from unsustainable sources and therefore not only deplete natural resources, but also help to pollute the environment. Mineral derived lubricants can be easily replaced by planet-based forms, which are biodegradable and non-toxic. LP500™ is the most sustainable replacement available.

Polyurethane manufacturers can also benefit from the substitution of virgin vegetable oils with LP500™. Polyurethanes are used within a wide variety of applications including upholstery, insulated panelling, mouldings and widely within the automotive industry.

Paints and Resins
Paints and resins that include vegetable oil have particular advantages, producing a more breathable, less toxic product. Vegetable oil can also be used in the manufacturing of linoleum, which is an extremely durable floor covering.

Soaps and Detergents
Plant oils have been used in soaps and detergents throughout time. In fact, in ancient Mediterranean civilisation, people would bathe in vegetable oil to cleanse themselves. Today, detergents using vegetable oils are also found in household cleaning products and shampoos.